The Result of Chinese Language Placement Test for the 1st Semester of 2022~2023

  1. 請於95(星期一)914(星期三),直接到課堂上,請老師同意加選。
Attend the Chinese class and kindly confirm with the teacher for class registration between September 5th (Mon) and September 14th (Wed).
  1. 修讀華語文課程前,請先與系所確認是否承認為畢業學分,不算畢業學分仍可修讀,且會呈現於成績單。
Before you register any Chinese language course, please consult your department first. Not all credits from Chinese language courses will count as graduation credits. However, your grade from these courses will still be counted as part of your GPA even they are not counted as graduation credits.
  1. 課程不可衝堂。
Note that class time conflict is not allowed. Please confirm your class time table before registration.

In the case that a student’s language proficiency is sufficient, the instructor will suggest you drop the course.