9 Major Epidemic Prevention Guidelines for the Third Level Alert Area

1. 外出时全程佩戴口罩。
Wear a mask all the time when going out.
2. 避免不必要移动、活动或集会,包含宗教集会。
Avoid unnecessary movement, activities or gatherings, including the religious gatherings.
3. 停止室内5人、室外10人以上的家庭聚会(同住者不计)和社交聚会。
Prohibit family and social gatherings with over 5 people indoors and 10 people outdoors (except those who live together).
4. 自我健康监测(有症状应就医)
Self-health monitoring (seek medical attention if you have symptoms)
5. 营业场所及恰公机关:落实人流管制,戴口罩、保持社交距离。
Business places and government agencies: implement crowd control, wear masks, and keep social distancing.
6. 职场及工作处所:遵守企业持续营运指引之防疫规定,落实个人及工作场所卫生管理,启动企业持续营运因应措施(如异地、远距办公、弹性时间上班)
Workplaces: follow the COVID-19 epidemic prevention regulations of the guidelines for business continuous operations, implement hygiene management in personal and workplaces, and initiate business continuous operations countermeasures (such as remote locations, remote offices, flexible working hours)
7. 餐饮场所:应遵守实联制、社交距离、隔板等防疫措施,无法落实则采外带。
Restaurants: should comply with COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures such as the data-collecting entity, social distancing, partitions, etc. If unable to implement, please take-out.
8. 婚、丧礼:应落实实联制、社交距离并加强清消。
Marriage and funerals: should implement the data-collecting entity, social distancing, and strengthening the sanitization.
9. 公共场域、大众运输加强清消。
Strengthen the sanitization of public areas and public transportation.