Recruiting 【Salesman (Able to speak Vietnamese) 】and 【Overseas Salesman】

[Company Name]: Idah & Avantron Micro. Co., Ltd
[Job Vacancies]: Overseas Salesman (Able to speak Vietnamese)
Are you still lamenting about the stage is not being big enough or not being
internationalized? Follow the company and we’ll show you the world!
1. IDAH is a feed machinery output manufacturer with clients from all over the
world. View our products here:
2. With 40 years of background and a high customer satisfaction rate, the company
is a leading brand in the industry (Manufactured the best shrimp feed machine in
the world)
3. The company is a self-owned brand. You will be exposed to marketing, trading
and manufacturing.
4. The company has been deeply rooting in the Central and South America markets
for many years. There are current large-scale order negotiations.
[Job Detail]
1. Maintaining customer relations
2. Achieving Regional Performance Targets
3. Customer Visitation (Short term foreign business trips)
1. Must be fluent in Vietnamese (Must be able to communicate with the client and
write emails)
2. Must have medium English skills
3. Must have a determined spirit ( We are a growing traditional industry with stable
performance but its also very exhausting. Business trips are required every two
months to visit clients)
*Overseas salesman will also need to have the knowledge of international trade and
project coordination. The company can help develop these business skills!
*We welcome overseas Chinese students to join the company. Work VISA
[Plus point conditions]
1. Has work experiences in the machinery industry
2. Has work experiences with project trade
[Work Location]: Ilan County, Loung Te Industrial Park
[Working hours]: From 8AM-5PM resting hours from 12PM-1PM
[Monthly vacations]: two days off every week and on national holidays
[Company Benefits]: Performance bonuses, gifts on three national holidays, parking,
travel subsidies, birthday gifts, departmental dinners
[Salary]: Those who meet the requirement has a starting salary of 40k or above
Required number of people: 2
Contact: Please email Title please put [Applying for overseas
salesman-name] or go to this website on 104 job bank: 104

I am Ms. Yu from Idah & Avantron Micro. Co., Ltd Human Resources
My company is currently recruiting a salesman (able to speak
Vietnamese) and an overseas salesman.
You are welcome to introduce your talent to us. Come with us to see the
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