Taiwan Education Center, Malaysia of National Taiwan University recruits administrative assistants

1. Need 3 people

2. Job Description
(1) Handling affairs in the Taiwan Education Center, Malaysia
(2) Handling recruit office affairs
(3) Works given by superviors

3. Position Requirements:
(1) Students with a bachelor degree or above of any department can apply and
should be fluent in a foreign language. (Preferably fluent in Malay)
(2) Has the capability of handling general word processing and is familiar with Office
software applications
(3) Must be proactive, responsible, enthusiastic about service and has good
communication and coordination skills
(4) Preferably familiar with Malaysia

4. Working Location
(1) Malaysia: Taiwan Education Center Offices (need 2 people)
(2) Taiwan: National Taiwan University Recruit Office (need 1 person)

5. Salary: starting salary of a bachelor is NT$31,621

6. Employment period: From date of employment until 31 st December 2018. (If, after
the expiration of the employment period, the Taiwan Education Center, Malaysia
plan continues, student will continue being employed).
7. How to apply
(1) Required Document
1. Contract Employee Resume 【Please go to
http://www.personnel.ntu.edu.tw/table4/70032.doc 】 (includes photo and
2. Diploma, Identification Card, English language proficiency certification, related
documents and proof of relevant job experience.
3. Contract employee resume (Office Word file) and other documents (scanned files)
must be emailed to srke@ntu.edu.tw before August 2017.
The e-mail title should be 「應徵馬來西亞臺灣教育中心行政助理+Your name, (1)
* (1) work in Malaysia (2) work in Taiwan or (3) Both are acceptable
(2) Contact Number: (02) 3366-2388 Ext.204 Mr. Ke Section Chief
(3) Selection Method: After qualification inspections, best candidates will be chosen
to participate in further interviews (Those who do not pass inspection, no
documents will be returned and no notices will be sent; Those who have not
attached a word file resume will not be accepted).