2017.11.2-3 Foreign Students Career Development Workshop – Photoshop Basics Practice Course

         Attendance to TWO full days of the course is required. 
         Foreign students in their third or fourth year Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or Doctorates are given priority in the application process. 
        Date:18:00-21:00 PM,2/11/2017、18:00-21:00 PM,3/11/2017. 
        Venue : Business Building B130 room.
        After signing up on the system http://enroll.tku.edu.tw/course.aspx?cid=AUOX20171123&l=e , please come to pay 200 NTD deposit to Romi at T1001 office. 
        Participants, who completely participate in the activity will have the reimbursement. T1001 office will announce the date for reimbursement 
    (一) 文字處理與排版 
    (二) 圖片編輯與修圖 
    (三) 海報與簡報製作 
    (四) 實作 
    Course Outline: The workshop emphasizes practical application of skills, 
    which includes a brief introduction to Photoshop basics and frequently used tools, and also improving your image processing skills. 
    I.Word Processing and Typesetting (Typography) 
    II.Picture Editing and Retouching 
    III.Making Posters and Presentations 
    IV.Implement skills learnt (Coursework) 
    (一) 特聘校外講師授課,請珍惜勿翹課,若缺席將影響下次報名。 
    (二) 電腦教室禁止用餐。
    (三) 課程以中文授課。 
      I.The workshop is held by a specially invited guest lecturer, so please make full use of this opportunity. Any absences will affect applications for future workshops. 
      II.Eating and drinking in the computer laboratory is strictly prohibited. 
      III.This course is instructed in Chinese