2018 Enterprise Visit for International Graduate Students

Sponsor:CTCI Foundation
Tier 1:July 3 – 5, 2018
Visiting corporations in SOUTHERN Taiwan

★ Organizations (In alphabetical order):
1. InvesTaiwan Service Center (Presentation)
Boltun Corporation
3. China Steel Corporation
4. Everest Textile Co., Ltd.
5. HCP Pump Manufacturer Co., Ltd.
6. LITE-ON Technology Corporation
7. Uni-President Enterprises Corp.

1. Yan-Cheng Cultural Park and Suan Tou Sugar Factory
2 .
3. Taiwan Mirror Glass Enterprise Tourism Factory

Tier 2:Aug. 29 –31, 2018
Visiting corporations in NORTHERN Taiwan

★ Organizations (In alphabetical order):
1. InvesTaiwan Service Center, MOEA
2. CTCI Corporation
3. E.SUN Bank
4. Foxgreen Co., Ltd.
5. Swancor Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.
6. Topco Scientific Co., Ltd.

Anyo Museum
2. Kelly Bay Jane Milk Museum
3. National Center for Traditional Arts

"Free" of Charge
During the Enterprise Visit, CTCI Foundation will sponsor expenses such as transportation, accommodation, travel insurance, and attraction tickets expenses.
Number of Attendees
30 Master or
PhD degree students per each tier of trips.

International students, overseas Chinese students, students from Mainland China (including Hong Kong and Macao) or exchange students studying Master or
PhD program in the related fields of science or engineering.

Deadline for Application
May 23, 2018 (Wednesday)

Information Inquiry
1.     CTCI Foundation website:http://www.ctci.org.tw/8838/talent_en/enterprise-visit_en/37895/37898/
2.      For inquiry, via email planning@email.cti.org.tw