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Important Hot 2023College Job Fairs for Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students 外部訊息 3666
Important Hot 轉知國家華語測驗推動工作委員會為「華語文能力測驗」112年1月正式考試事宜,詳如說明,敬請轉知所屬僑外生並鼓勵踴躍報考,請查照。  外部訊息 4106
Important Hot (Chinese Language Center, National Sun Yat-sen University )22nd Singing Contest in Chinese /Taiwanese for the Foreign Students 外部訊息 11016
Important Hot 【Oct. 6, 2021】One-on-One Employment Meetings with Taiwan's Enterprises 外部訊息 24507
Important Hot (All students) The Association of Chinese International Education Exchange holds related activities to 2016 American Summer internship (not paid). Please note. 外部訊息 9425
Important Hot Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program 外部訊息 3621
Important Hot Global Internship Facilitaion of Taiwan, GIFT 外部訊息 6813
Important Hot 中國信託歡迎僑外學生! ★CTBC International Associate Program(IA)★Rising Star Summer Internship★ 外部訊息 9714
Important Recruitment Information From Tai Sun International Inc. (Management Trainee) 外部訊息 5015
Important An Official Letter from Tourism Bureau regarding Regulations on Foreigners and International Stu-dents Doing Part-Time or Practical Work in Taiwan 外部訊息 4028