The Humanitarian Affairs Asia「2020 Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders」

  • 2019-10-07
  • Dolly Yang
The Humanitarian Affairs Asia invite the students of our school to participate in2020 Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders
Activity Information:
1. Time: 2020/02/05~2020/02/07
2. Location: United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand
3. Expense: US$777+ 7% of tax, which includes accommodation, meals (dinners not included), transportation, activity fee and the certificate of participation. Thus students will need to afford flight tickets, insurance, transnational remittance fee and other personal expense by  themselves.
4. Quota of people: 3
5. Content: Cultivate emerging leaders to be future messengers of peace through workshops and conferences. For further detail please refer to the attachments.
6. Registration: Please fill out the application form then send the PDF form (
entitled: “2020 Peace Summit-your department and your name) to the email: before 10/14 17:00
7. This activity is classified as personal study, hence we will not provide certificate of official leave.