The Foreign Trade Association will hold theTaiwan Enterprise New Southward Market Associated Recruiting " from May 21 to June 16, 2020. A total of 43 companies have released more than 250 vacancies. We welcome overseas students and graduates students to apply.

I. In order to assist Taiwanese business to strengthen the development of the new
southbound market, we will hold this activity for recruitment. We welcome who are
interested in engaging in the business of the new southbound market.
II. Demand for enterprise recruiting: People with new southbound market
experience or language expertise, new immigrants or their children, overseas
Chinese students or children of Taiwanese businessmen in the new southbound
market, new graduates of colleges, etc.
III. Activity process:
(1) The resumes candidates submitted on websites would be matched with
the positions released by the company.
(2) Results and interview time would be contacted through phone and email
for within 1 week.
(3) In response to the epidemic, online meeting softwares would be used for
4. Free registration website:。