TKU Overseas Students Entry Information (Effected October 13, 2022)

淡江大學境外生專案入境說明 TKU Overseas Students Entry Information
                                                                   20221013日起適用  Effected October 13, 2022

入境對象 / Applicants

      New students and returning students who have no valid ARC.

2.  簽證辦理 / Visa Application
(1) 學生憑錄取通知書辦理簽證或入出境許可。
      Students can apply for the Resident Visa with Acceptance Letters.
(2) 請務必於入境前5個工作天通知學校入境日期。
       Please inform the International and Mainland Students Guidance Section 5 workdays before your arrival.
(3) 桃園機場及松山機場皆可入境。
       Students can arrive at either Taoyuan or Songshan international airports.

3、接機方式 / Pick-up
      All the contact between university and students will be proceeded online via Line official account.

4.  防疫規範 / Quarantine
()   檢疫天數:0+7天自主防疫 '0+7' plan
1. 自主防疫期間如無症狀,且2日內快篩陰,可外出及到校上課。
    Students can go to the campus taking class if they tested negative within 48 hours during their self-quarantine.
2. 入境當日為第0日,隔天第1日至第7日期間,每2日做一次快篩。
    The arrival date is the day 0. Students can take the self-test on the day 1 and doing the self-test every 2 days.
3. 若有症狀,請即通知學校。
    Please inform the university once you test positive.

)   檢疫場所:

1. 若無症狀,可入住符合一人一室(獨立衛浴)條件之租屋處、親友家、旅館或學校宿舍(限淡江學園住宿生)。同日入境之住宿生,得多人同住一室。
     For accommodation during the "0+7" phase, arriving international students can stay with friends or relatives, in hotels, self-rental units, and dormitories.
    The one condition is that these accommodations   must follow the principle of one person per room, with a separate bathroom from other occupants.

    In the event that students have arrived together, they can stay in the same dormitory.

2. 若有症狀,可入住符合一人一室(獨立衛浴)條件之租屋處、親友家、旅館或學校隔離宿舍(限住宿生)
    If a foreign student experiences COVID symptoms upon arrival in Taiwan, they must undergo a saliva PCR test at the airport.
    Next, they must be transported by quarantine taxi or other special vehicle arranged by the school to a quarantine dormitory.

    Please refer to the regulation of CDC press on September 29th :