Scholarship of TKU for overseas Chinese graduate school students

  • 2019-10-23
  • Grace Chao

  1. This scholarship will proceed under the “Ministry of education for scholarship in universities for outstanding overseas Chinese students”.
  2. Qualification: Overseas Chinese students who qualifies the condition below can apply for the scholarship.
(I) Outstanding overseas Chinese graduate school students who entered the school by law.
(II) Students from Hong Kong or Macau entered the school by the law.
(III) Overseas Chinese students who are freshmen with grades of second semester. Every semester must included 9 credits or above. The grade of previous semester must be 80 percent or above, conduct grade must be 80 or above.
(VI) Students who already have similar scholarships will not be able to apply.
III. Application: Once a semester. Student who matches the conditions above please turn in the documents mention below to OIEIE.
  1. Application form.
  2. Original copy of transcript.
  3. Copy of bankbook of post office. (Please note your resident certificate number)
* Deadline: November 6th, 2019.
VI. Principle of subsidize:
(I) Quota of people: Depends on how many graduate school students applied for the scholarship.
(II) Amount: 10,000 NTD per month per person.
(III) Duration: Six months. First semester: Since August 1st till January 31st next year. Second semester: February 1st till July 31st.
(VI) We will stop your scholarship if:
i. The document you turned in was counterfeit or not authentic. Besides canceling your scholarship, we will also pursue the law related.
ii. If you were seriously punished by the school, we will cancel your scholarship starting from the next month.
iii. Students who were suspended, quitting school or transferred to another school which cause the lost your identity of student, we also will cancel your scholarship staring from the next month.