The Result of Chinese Language Placement Test for the 1st Semester of 2020~2021

  • 2020-09-09
  • Eva LEE

Procedures for taking Chinese curriculum
Procedures for taking the Chinese curriculum:

  1. Attend the Chinese Placement Test on September 8th (Tue) which includes written and oral tests.
  2. The test results will be posted on the OICSA website by September 11th (Fri). Please verify which class you are allocated to and remember to download the course registration form from OICSA website or from Ms. Eva Lee at T1001.
  3. Bring along the course registration form when you attend the class and kindly request the teacher to sign.
  4. Finally, submit the course registration form to Ms. Eva Lee at T1001 before 12 p.m., September 22nd, 2020 (Tuesday) to complete the procedure.