The Center for Learning and Teaching are offering “Academic Guidance” sessions. Details are as follow.

  • 2017-11-21
  • Cadence Wang


  1. To assist undergraduate students who need extra academic help, we offer one on one counselling to improve students’ studying motivation and confidence. The “Academic Guidance Appointment System” which operated by the center is officially online now. Students who want to apply for counselling, please visit “Academic Guidance Appointment System” to set up an appointment.

  2. Applicants: Undergraduate students (includes foreign students) who have questions on current subjects. Preference will be given to  first time applicants as well as students requesting assistance with compulsory courses and English-taught courses.

  3. Dates: 2017/10/2 Mon.~2018/1/19 Fri.

  4. Application Methods

  1. Regular courses: Economics, Accounting, Statistics and Calculus etc. Please go to the “Academic Guidance Appointment System” and sign up for sessions. Group sessions are available at a maximum of three students per group, arranged by the students.

  2. Irregular application:

  1. For students who require assistance outside of regular courses or who have additional subject assistance.

  2. One-on-one sessions or groups sessions with two students are available

  3. Please go to “Academic Guidance Appointment System” and select “Individual Academic Guidance Application”. Enter the full name of the subject, specific subject section of questions, study partner(if applicable) and available times. The results of the request will be released in 1~3 working days.

  1. Applications for Academic Guidance on the “Academic Guidance Appointment System” started this semester. Students who require English forms can fill out the application form in English and email the form as an attachment to

  1. Website:

  2. First time users need to register on the website first. After registration verification, students can apply for academic guidance.

  3. Instructions are available in the attachment or available for download from

  1. Place:

  1. LanYang Campus: classroom in LanYang

  2. TamSui Campus: I303, I304, I402 and classrooms arranged by ‘Students Learning Support Section’

  1. ContactsStudents Learning Support Section, Miss李健蘭 (ext:3531)