International Students

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Top 2019 Rare Language Tour Guide Training Course 境外生相關 240
Top The Result of Chinese Language Placement Test for the 1st Semester of 2019~2020 境外生相關 2477
Top Chinese Curriculum Selection Procedure for International Students (not including Mainland Chinese students)—Fall Semester of 2019-20 境外生相關 388
Top 轉知泰昇國際公司 徵才資訊(儲備幹部) 境外生相關 303
Top Hot Tamsui Campus 2019 Spring Semester---境外生行事曆 境外生相關 1002
Top 2019 CSR Captain Program-Spring Action 境外生相關 1153
Top Hot International office fan page 境外生相關 2130
Top Application Progress for Work Permit 境外生相關 2164
Top 2018 Foreign Student Contact Information 境外生相關 2306
Top The foreign students’ academic advisor will be getting in contact with you. 境外生相關 4277