2017-2018 Announcement for selection of exchange students to Britain, France, and Germany sister schools’ brochure.

  • 2016-10-14
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1. Qualifications for Exchange students not only include sophomore, first year or second year graduate school students. In 2016, juniors can apply for exchange to sister schools during their first semester of seniors.
2. Application dates are from 7th November to 25th November 2016 (Friday) 5pm. Please note that students are required to take part in Lai’s Personality Inventory (Please refer to the regulations for more details) and register through the schools’ event registration system. Any applications after due date will not be accepted and another test will be arranged. Students from Lan Yang campus please go to Lan Yang Counselling office to register for Lai’s Personality Inventory.
Be sure to bring with you “Attendance Counseling Group Psychometric Test Certificate” (Attachment 5) to the testing.
3. Applicants are required to submit applications and other relevant information to their departments by the deadline set by each department for qualifications, reviewing and recommendations. Departments will send official documents to OICSA before 25th November.
4. Please check the list of students in the 106 academic year joint exchange program for sister schools. Please complete the application forms by 25th November.
5. People in Charge:
Europe, America, Oceania: Zhu Xinying, Ext. 2002
Japan: Yan Jiahui, Ext. 2002
Asia (Excluding Mainland China and Japan): Yang Fengxian, Ext. 2003