General regulations of exchange students for sister school in japan of the second semester of 2019~2020. Please turn in the documents of the students who were recommended before September 19th, 2019 (Thur), 5PM.

  • 2019-09-09
  • Xie Steven
A. Information and forms of the audition are in the attached file below.
B. Application time: Till September 19th, 2019 (Thur) 5 PM. (Students must hand in your documents before the time that was regulated by your faculty. All the documents will be turn in to OIEIE together.)
C. Procedure:
(1) Prepare the documents needed.
(2) Hand in the documents to your department
(3) Those who has passed the examine, please turn your documents to OIEIE.
D. Documents for application (You can download the forms on the website)
(1) Application form.
(2) A copy of Chinese and English grade report card. (For transferring students, please attach a grade certificate)
(3) Chinese and English biography. (Please print out the documents after typing on the computer.)
(4) Chinese and English proposal. (Please print out the documents after typing on the computer.)
(5) Certificate to prove your language ability. (Please hand in a copy with grades and also the certificate itself.)
(6) If there is any other document that would help you with the audition, you may prepare a copy of it. (Please take your original documents with you incase we need to check them.)
(7) Insurance form.
For all the documents, please print out in A4 form (beside the original documents) and place them in a L file holder. Do not staple the documents.
E. For the references and head of the department, please add the opinion the students in the column in the application form.
F. In order to protect your personal information, the documents that you provided will only be use on this activity and preserve legally. For more information about the law of personal information protection, please go to
G. For more information, please go to OIEIE’s website or contact Ms. Chia Hui Yen. (mail: