UD 2018 – A brand lecture by UD Williams on “Think Competitive!”

  • 2018-03-21
  • Cadence Wang

UD 2018 – A branding talk on 3/28 on “Think Competitive”
Date: 2018.03.28 (Wednesday) 12PM-2PM (Meals are provided)
Location: Tamkang University Communication Hall Q409
Application Date: From today until March 27 th . Please apply on the activity
registration system:
If you have any queries, please contact: Foreign Student Counselling
Section Ms. Romi Wang (ext. 2218)

When the problems of the era are seen, what is lacking is a person with
answers. UD is a platform that “understands” what the youth is thinking.
Last year, in 2017, UD has collaborated with six schools in various
departments to help nearly a thousand students understand the world through
Taiwan and understand themselves from a new perspective.
This year, the platform continues to launch a series of new lectures to help
young people from different perspectives.
We welcome youths from school or the workforce to learn with Mr. Yi Yuan
Lee, and welcome UD youths back to their hometown.