Campus Activities

Date Title Category View Count
Important Hot March 7th, Tuesday (14:00~16:00)  "Chat Corner" Temporary Stop Announcement   校內活動 2779
Important Hot 111-2 Chat Corner  校內活動 12646
Important Hot 111-1 Chat Corner  校內活動 12735
Important Hot 2022 TKU Mandarin Recitation and Speech Contest 校內活動 5162
Hot  “Chat Corner” will be suspended from May 2nd (Monday) to May 5th (Thursday) 校內活動 5087
TKU International Salon: Introduction of Hertford College, University of Oxford 校內活動 3825
Announcement: Campus Guide Volunteer Training Program 校內活動 5704
UD 2018 – A brand lecture by UD Williams on “Think Competitive!” 校內活動 6528
Orientation for Hertford College, Oxford University Summer Program 校內活動 6511