Announcement of the Application for Overseas Chinese Students Financial Hardship Scholarship of 2019-2020 Academic Year

  • 2019-08-20
  • Grace Chao
A. Application period: September 9, 2019 ~ September 20, 2019
B. Place for application: International and Mainland Students Guidance Section T1001 (Students in Lanyang Campus can apply at International Affairs (CL501)).
C. How to apply:
(a) Fill out the forms online:
(b) Turn in your personal data at International and Mainland Students Guidance Section: Application form, report card(except freshmen) and documents of hardship of the year 2019.
D. Documents of hardship:
(a) Family member or yourself who has physical or mental disorder, serious illness which needed long term treatment, will be asked to hand in medical diagnosis certificate. Please inform title of the patient, name the disease and shortly describe the cause of the disease.
(b) Certificate of enrollment of family members.
(c) Household income (tax exemption certification, low-income certificate, hardship certification…etc.). Certificates will be established by organizations with credibility, such as overseas Chinese school teacher, government agencies, alumni association. (Doesn’t include income certificate established by your parents’ workplace, financial institution loan proof and proof of house rental.)
(d) In order to check your identity, please preserve your outgoing documents established by the Ministry of Education. (Please read through the papers that were given by the University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students.)
(e) A photo of yourself.
E. Case officer: Grace Chao, Ext. #2218