Kyungnam University, South Korea “2019 Global Hanma Program”

  • 2019-04-19
  • Feng-Hsien Yang


  1. South Korea sister school-Kyungnam University sends the invitation to invite TKU students who are interested in Korean and Korean culture to participate in 2019 Global Hanma Program.
  1. Program period: August 5, 2019 (Mon.) – August 22, 2019 (Thu.)
  2. Program venue: Kyungnam University, South Korea
  3. Program contents: Korean and culture study, please see the program schedule in the attachment.
  4. Program fee: Kyungnam University provides 3 vacancies for TKU that can exempt from program fee, but the participants should pay for their aeroplane ticket, insurance and personal cost.
  1. Qualification: TKU enrolled students (graduates are not included)
  2. Register period: from now on to May 3, 2019 (Fri.) 5 pm
  3. How to register: Hand in the TKU application form and Chinese transcript for all semesters to T1006 before May 3 5 pm.
  4. Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs appoints to hold the interview on May 13, 2019 (Mon.) 12:30 pm at T1005 Conference Room. Applicants who pass the interview will be recommended to Kyungnam University. (Except for students in Lanyang Campus; otherwise, an online interview is not available.)
  5. Contact person: Feng-Hsien Yang,  International and Cross-Strait Exchange Section, ext on campus: 2003