Korea sister school, Kyungnam University "2020 Kyungnam University Winter Global Hanma Program"

  • 2019-11-06
  • Feng-Hsien Yang

I. Korea sister school, Kyungnam University, has invited students from TKU to
join “2020 Kyungnam University Winter Global Hanma Program”.
(I) Date: February 3 rd , 2020 to February 20 th , 2020. (February 2 nd 10:00~17:00
(II) Place: Busan, Korea.
(III) Content: Please read the attachment below.
(IV) Fees: Students from TKU will be offered a 50% off discount. Total fee will be
1,225 USD, with tuition, activities, accommodation and meals included. Students
will need to afford overseas Remittance fee, plane tickets, insurance, and other
personal usage.
II. Qualification: Students currently studying in TKU.
III. Documents for application:
(I) Application forms (As in the attachment. Including application form,
recommendation letter, and letter of guarantee.)
(II) A photo copy of your passport
(III) A photo copy of your insurance certificate (Accidental medical insurance
for studying in Korea.)
(IV) A prof of examination for tuberculosis
(V) TKU application form

*Documents for Kyungnam University must be written in English.
IV. Application: Students who are interested in the activity, please turn in the
documents to OIEIE(T1006) before December 6 th , 2019.
V. This activity is for personal research; we will not provide an official leave.
VI. Case officer: OIEIE Feng-Hsien Yang (extension:2003)