Korea Dankook University ”2018 International Winter School” Program

  • 2017-11-27
  • Feng-Hsien Yang

1. Korea Dankook University invites our students to participate” 2018
International Winter School” program
(1) Time: 2018/1/29 Mon.~ 2018/2/11 Sun.
(2) Place: Korea Dankook University
(3) Details: As activity brochure
(4) Fee: Dankook University offers TKU 3 students for free of charge (including
register fee, accommodation fee and tuition fee, without cultural activity
fee), TKU students have to pay meal fee, visa and insurance etc. by
2. Qualification:Students in TKU
3. Deadline:from now on to 2017/12/5 Tue.
4. Application documents should include TKU application, guarantee and Chinese
transcript for all semesters.
5. How to apply:Hand in the documents to T1006,Office of International and
Cross-Strait Affairs arrange to have interview on 2017/12/11 Mon. afternoon.
Applicants who pass the interview will be recommended by TKU to DKU
6. Contact person:Feng-Hsien Yang of International and Cross-Strait Exchange
Section, ext:2003。