2020 UMAP Program C

  • 2020-03-03
  • Feng-Hsien Yang

I. This program involves schools from: Canada, Mexico, Chile, Indonesia,
Brunei, Japan, Philippine, Korea and Thailand. Information for courses,
activity fees and other details, please go to: https://usco.umap.org/
II. Application period:
(I) First batch: now ~ December 2 nd , 2019
(II) Second batch: February 6 th , 2020 ~ February 25 th , 2020
(III) Third batch: April 13 th , 2020 ~ May 22 nd , 2020
* Please note that each school might have different period of
application batches.

III. Students for application, please complete the application procedure
(I) Please go to UMAP’s website and sign up, also complete your online
A. Sign up page: https://usco.umap.org/std/
B. Instructions: http://umap.org/usco/#students-manual
(II) Please turn in your TKU application form to OIEIE
IV. Applicants must complete the application procedure. TKU will review
your application via application system after you applied on UMAP’s
V. This activity is for personal research. We will not provide an official leave.