"2020 International Winter Program" of Korean sister school, Chung-Ang University

  • 2019-11-06
  • Feng-Hsien Yang

I. Korea sister school, Chung-Ang University invites students from Tamkang
University to join “2020 International Winter Program”.
(I) Date: January 13 th , 2020 to January 23 rd , 2020.
(II) Place: Chung-Ang University, Korea
(III) Content: Please read the attachment below and the website of this activity
(IV) Fee: Students from TKU will have a 50% off discount. No need to pay for
application and pick-up services. The total fee is listed below:
Tuition 1,100
Accommodation 140
Total 1,140
*Students will need to afford overseas Remittance fee, plane tickets,
insurance, and other personal usage.

II. Qualification: Students currently study in TKU.
III. Application: Students who are interested, please
(I) Turn in your TKU application form to OIEIE(T1006) before 5:00PM,
November 25 th , 2019.
(II) Finish the online application before December 15 th , 2019.
(III) Transfer application fee to the account in USD before December 20 th ,
IV. Online application website: https://cauwinter.com/apply/
V. Officer of Chung-Ang University will hold an orientation on November 18 th ,
5:30 PM at TKU. Application website:
VI. Case officer: OIEIE Feng-Hsien Yang (extension:2003)