“Japanese Language Program Winter 2020” of Japan sister school, Hosei University.

  • 2019-10-16
  • Ms. Chia Hui Yen

  1. Announcement of Japanese Language Program Winter 2020 of Hosei University.
  1. Time: January 13th, 2020 to January 24th, 2020. (For more information, please go to the website below.)
  2. Place: Hosei University, Ichigaya campus (Chiyoda ku, Tokyo)
  3. Courses: Japanese courses, Japanese culture experience, field trips and communicate with students from Hosei University.
  4. Fees:
(i) 140,000 Yen (110,000 Yen if you signup before October 18th)
(Accommodation included, single bed room, Wi-Fi excluded)
(ii) Self-paid: Plane tickets, transportation fee in Japan, overseas insurance, meals and living.
II. Documents for application: (Please do not staple the documents, place them in a A4 clear file folder.)
  (I) TKU application form
  (II) Insurance paper
III. Sign up online after tuning in the application form: https://forms.gle/d1TsRHdizRVofHjCA
IV. Officer: OIEIE Ms. Chia Hui Yen (132618@mail.tku.edu.tw)