2023College Job Fairs for Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students

一、 活動目的  Purpose

           In line with the government's policy of "cultivating, retaining, and attracting talent", the Ministry of Education invites various
           corporate sectors to set up job booths on campus and provide job vacancies and internship matching to help foreign students
          and alumni working in Taiwan smoothly, grasp job trends, find suitable employment, and work to promote the socio-economic
          development of our country.

二、 參加對象Participant
          1. 參展企業及機構Exhibitors
          2. 全國各大專院校之僑生、外國學生及校友 All universities and colleges’ Overseas Chinese students, foreign students and alumni currently in Taiwan.
三、 活動內容Event Content
活動日程及地點Schedule and Location 
場次 Location 日期
臺北 Taipei 217
17th February
星期五 Friday
9:00-12:00 臺大集思會議中心-柏拉圖廳
Plato Chamber, GIS NTU Convention Center
臺南 Tainan 224
24th February
星期五 Friday
13:00-16:00 成大會館3ABC
3F, Meeting Room ABC, Zenda Suites
1. 報名期間Registration Deadline
臺北場2023215日截止Taipei 15th February,2023
臺南場2023222日截止Tainan 22th February,2023

2、報名方式:採線上報名Registration: Online Registration
報名網址Please register through the linkhttps://www.accupass.com/event/2212210620161539113584
Please fill in the reason why you want to participate in this event. E.g., obtaining internship or job offers.

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