【Oversea, Foreign, Mainland China Students】 106 Academic Year the Alumni Association of Tamkang University in Taipei Scholarship

  • 2017-09-26
  • Romi Wang


1. This scholarship will be according to the “Tamkang University Alumni Association
    Scholarship Regulation” Please see attachment 1.
2. The sign up date started from today to Oct. 13 (Fri.). Please go to the following
    website to apply. http://www.taipeitku.org.tw/?pagekey=scholarship
    After signing up, please print out the application form and attach the requiring
    documents to the Alumni Association of Tamkang University in Taipei. Following
    are the instruction:
 (1) From today to Oct. 3 (Tue.): please sent the file to your department office,
    then after finishing colleting all the application form, they will sent it to
      Office of Alumni Services and Resources Development.
(2) Oct. 4 (Wed.) to Oct. 13 (Fri.): Please mail it or sent it in person to the
     Alumni Association of Tamkang University in Taipei
(3) For more information, please see attachment 2
3. Those who are granted the scholarship must attend the ceremony on 2017 Dec.
    12 (Sat.), if not, the person will be disqualified.
    CEO Peng Chun-Yang