Ms. Acid Chu
Name Ms. Acid Chu
Office Tel No. 02-26215656#2003
position Staff
Responsible for
1. Receiving English-speaking overseas scholars and visitors to TKU
2. Handling and overseeing all matters related to the selection of students applying for overseas exchange to Europe, the Americas, Korea, and Oceania.
3. Responsible for all matters concerning TKU exchange students from Europe, the Americas, Korea, and Oceania.
4. Coordinating and implementing exchange initiatives between TKU and universities from Europe and the Americas.
5. Promoting academic exchange activities among both local and overseas colleges and departments.
6. Organizing participation in overseas educational conferences for members of the TKU International Office.
7. Coordinating TKU participation in major educational conferences and exhibitions in Taiwan, such as the NAFSA Conference, the APAIE Exhibition, etc.
8. Completing all other assigned tasks.