Esther Loh
Name Esther Loh
Office Tel No. 02-26215656#3551
position Staff
Responsible for
1. Handling of all issues related to Mainland Chinese students.
2. Handling of Mainland Chinese students enrollment and counselling matters (including caring discussion, preparing manual for Mainland Chinese students, consultation and guidance of various issues)
3. Handling of Mainland Chinese students and family verification, entry and exit permit applications and other related certification.
4. Handling of Health Insurance for Mainland Chinese students (including exchange university students)
5. Handling of scholarship applications of Mainland Chinese students.
6. Updating and reporting the latest information of admission and school leaving of Mainland Chinese students (National Universities and Colleges of Foreign Students Information Management Data System)
7. Handling of Mainland Chinese students’ internship and being the contact person.
8. Providing assistance to the Mainland Chinese Students Association.
9. Other impromptu assigned matters and activities.
Substitute Staff Ms. Cadence Wang