Chanel Peng
Name Chanel Peng
Office Tel No. 02-26215656#3552
position Staff
Responsible for
1.Handling all issues related to foreign exchange university students
2. Managing Reitaku International House (including the 5th floor of Song Tao Hall)
3. Providing advice and guidance for foreign exchange university students(including caring discussion, preparing foreign exchange freshmen handbook, consultation and guidance of various issues)
4. Handling applications of residence, exist and entry permit and working permit of foreign exchange university students
5. Handling National Health Insurance of foreign exchange university students
6. Giving advice about add and drop course
7. handing the procedure of admission and school leaving of foreign exchange university students, and updating and reporting the relevant information (Foreign Exchange University Students Information Management System)
8. Completing all other assigned tasks
Substitute Staff Mr. Gary Liu