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Foreign students

 Airport Pickup Service
  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak, all the airport pickup seveice please contact Gary Liu. (
Registration Procedure(Registration Time : Starting September 7th
Registration Precedure: (1)Please go to the registration group (Tamkang campus-Administration building A212; Lanyang campus-Joint office CL501)to report for registration.
(2) visit the overseas students guidance group to check-in. (Tamkang campus-Ching-sheng Building 10th floor T1001; Layang campus-Joint office CL501)
Essential Documents:
Registration Instructions and Admission information for International Students (download)
  1. Four 2 inch photos which show close-up of the head to the top of the shoulders photo
  2. A copy of residence permit or R.O.C ID card
  3. A copy of passport
  4. A copy of distribution documents
  5. Overseas Students Personal Information Form
  6. TKU Authorization for Emergency treatment
  7. Personal Information Authorization
Course Selection & Tuition Fee
Course Selection
  1. Course Selection Time
  2. Course Selection System Website
    *Please enter your Student ID, password (The password is the last 6 digits of your residence permit or Student ID) to enter the system.
  3. Please check the courses that has already been selected by your department before selecting your course
    Please enter your Student ID, password (The password is the last 6 digits of your residence permit or Student ID) to enter the system.
    Contact:Curriculum Division, E-Mail: atcx
  4. Course Catalog System:
Tuition Fee Please go to the Office of Finance Website to inquire your tuition fee.
  1. Credit card or the four main convenience store (7-11, Family mart, Hi-Life and OK mart)
  2. ATM transfer
  3. Payment made at the post office or CTBC Bank
  4. Overseas transfer payment or foreign currency payment
Freshman Accommodation Policy
Healthcare and Insurance
Report after arrival in Taiwan... Dormitory →Overseas group →Department
Date September 2020
Time 10AM- 5PM
Location Overseas Students Guidance Group
Contact 886-2-26215656 ext.2818
Required Documents
  1. A copy of Taiwan’s VISA and your passport
  2. Four pieces of 2 inch close-up of the head to the top of the shoulders photo (plain white background and the chin to crown must be between 32 mm and 36mm)
  3. Medical Examination (Form C) (Must be less than 3 months old)
  4. Original copy of Tamkang University Health Examination
  5. TKU Authorization for Emergency Treatments
  6. TKU Consent to Provide Personal Data
Freshmen Orientation Opening Ceremony and Orientation Timetable
Insurance Details  
Financial Services
Assistance with life in Taiwan  
Leave Application
  1. Please log into Tamkang’sLeave Application System
  2. After you’ve logged on, please print out the absent note and hand it in at Office of Student Affairs Counselling group (situated at the 4th floor of Business Building and the Joint Office CL312 at Lanyang Campus). In addition, please bring along any certified documentations, e.g. Doctors’ note. Your academic records or grades will not be affected after completing this procedure.
  3. Special cases where the absentee cannot predict, the absent note including explanations, certified documents must be handed in within 3 days. The absent note must be signed by the professor. If the professor is on leave, then the note will be signed by the department or supervisor and approved by the associate dean of student affairs, otherwise compensatory leave is not allowed
    How to work the Leave Application System
Accident Treatments What to do when fire, earthquake, traffic accidents occur and emergency treatment cards
Work Permit If you are working while studying, please remember to apply for a work permit. It is illegal for foreign students to work in Taiwan without a work permit. Work Permit
Opening a bank account
  1. Required documents for opening a bank account:
    • (1)Student ID card(a copy of the front and back)
    • (2)Residence Permit(a copy of the front and back)
    • (3)Stamp(This can be acquired on the 3th floor of the Business building by the glasses store)
      (Lanyang campus students please go to Jiaoxi post office to acquire a stamp)
  2. Bank related information
    • International Students that want to open a bank account need to have a passport, residence permit and need to be over the age of 20 in order to apply:Bank of Taiwan-