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Foreign Exchange Students

New Informations

August 30 – Chinese placement (Online test,TBA) 
August 31  Orientation (Details to be updated) 
September1-2 –
September 5  Classes begin 
September 16 Hand in course selection form before 4 pm 

 Admission ProcessTurn in application form→Verify→Acceptance letter and TKU admission letter→Apply for airport pick-up service
Semester Duration Application date
Spring semester (half a year) February to June  September 1 to December 1
Spring semester (one year) February to January September 1 to December 1
Fall semester (half a year) September to January March 1 to May 1
Fall semester (one year) September to June March 1 to May 1

Required documents:
1. Application Form (With signature of the applicant )
2. An official letter from home university
3. Official transcript in English or Japanese
4. Two recommendation letters
5. Study plan (Writing in English or Chinese)
6. Resume
7. Copy of passport
8. TKU Consent to Provide Personal Data
9. 3 pieces of photo (4.5cm x 3.5cm)
10.  Application for Dormitory.(If the dormitory is full, you will be notified separately, please look for accomodation around the school.
11.  We offer aiport pick-up service for overseas freshman and exchange students on Sat. XX August, 20XX. (More information)
         If pickup service is needed, please sumbit the application form(Air port pick-up application form) before XX August, 20XX.

Mr. Steven Xie
Responsibilities:Europe, the Americas and Oceania

Mr. Kai-Yen Chang

Ms. Dolly Yang
ResponsibilitiesSoutheast Asia, Korea and Mongolia

Awards Program

Tamkang University
Incoming Exchange Students Scholarship Guidelines

Revised 19th June 2019
Effective from 16th October 2019

1.This scholarship was initiated to encourage students from Tamkang University’s sister universities or other overseas universities to study at TKU, and to help such students cope with their daily living expenses.

2. Scholarship amount:
The scholarship amount granted to each recipient will be the same as the accommodation fees for student’s dormitory. The number of scholarships granted each year may vary based on Tamkang University’s annual budget.

3. Application eligibility:
a. This scholarship is open to all exchange students of foreign nationality from overseas universities that have an established academic collaboration agreement with Tamkang University (excluding universities from the Mainland China) or exchange students who have been recommended to study in TKU by relevant academic institutions. To be eligible, students must maintain a grade average of 65 or above (or GPA2.5) (for undergraduate students) or 75 or above (or GPA3.0) (for graduate students) in their own universities. Students must also display good conduct and students from difficult financial background are encouraged to apply.
b. The scholarship is open for application when they apply for admission to Tamkang University. Also once they have enrolled in Tamkang University, they can send in their scholarship applications three weeks before the final examination week of first semester and the deadline is one week before the final examination week of first semester.

4. Required documents:
 (1) Application Form, filled and signed
 (2) Official academic transcript of every semester from home institution. ( Current students of TKU do not need to hand in. TKU will collect students’ transcripts from Office of Academic Affairs.)
(3) One or two Recommendation Letters

5. One-year exchange students who are awarded this financial assistance scholarship are required to undertake 20 hours of volunteer services in Tamkang University. Two weeks after the start of the semester, scholarship recipients must provide a photocopy of a valid Work Permit (permit validity must be at least until end of January for first semester or until end of June for second semester). During their volunteer work, the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs (OICSA) will assume a supervising role and help recipients fulfill their community service requirements.

6. Based on the principle of equal reciprocity, if sister universities grant scholarships to exchange students from Tamkang University, the latter will respond in kind by apportioning an equivalent number of scholarships to exchange students from such universities. The remaining scholarship places will then be open for regular scholarship application.

7. All scholarship applications and their supporting documents will be evaluated by the Overseas Student Scholarship Review Committee.

8. The above regulations take effect from the date of their promulgation, after being approved by the International and Exchange Student Committee. The same applies to any amendments made thereafter.


Information for exchange student
Guest House
Dorm Closing & Openin
  • - Summer/ winter semester opening & closing date-
  • Please pay attention for your returning flight from Taiwan to your home country.
    Please handle your residency related issues by yourself.
Calendar.Registration.Orientation.Courses selection .
Registration Date: Sep 1. to Sep 2. , 2022
Time:9AM-12PM, 2PM -5PM
Registration docs.  一、Registration check paper
 二、Visa copy
      →Please apply 180days visitor visa if you study for one semester
      →Please apply Resident visa if you study for two semester
 三、Four 2-inch color photos
        A thin half-length color photo with a glossy finish taken with a white background within the last one year that should be 4.5cm X
       3.5cm with an image of the head that should not be shorter than 3.2cm or longer than 3.6cm from the top of the head to the
       chin,without wearing a hat or a pair of color glasses,with clear facial features not covered and identifiable, and should not be
       modified or composed.
 四、Health certificate copy,3 months before arrive Taiwan.
        Health certificate copy for Resident visa can be used. 
 五、TKU health certificate original
 六、Provid an English version of insurance certificate which is valid for at least 6 months from the date you enter Taiwan.(Must 
        include Medical insurance overseas)
 七、Emergency Treatment
new exchange student handbook   2022-2023handbook
Course selection info.   About course selection 
Time table
  • Period  Class Time Period No. Class Time
    Period 1 08:10 – 09:00 Period 8 15:10 – 16:00
    Period 2 09:10 – 10:00 Period 9 16:10 – 17:00
    Period 3 10:10 – 11:00 Period 10 17:10 – 18:00
    Period 4 11:10 – 12:00 Period 11 18:10 – 19:00
    Period 5 12:10 – 13:00 Period 12 19:10 – 20:00
    Period 6 13:10 – 14:00 Period 13 20:10 – 21:00
    Period 7 14:10 – 15:00 Period 14 21:10 – 22:00
Course selection and Dropping **The course that you have dropped will still be recorded on your transcript. Please consider carefully before dropping any courses. Thank you!
Visa,,Insurance,E-mail,Phone,Map,Day off
Visa This is an image

*Resident Visa->Alien Resident Certificate
*Visitor Visa extension
*Updating data、Lost or damaged
*New Taipei City Service Center:(If you stay in New Taipei City(this includes Tamsui residents), you must change you visa status from Resident Visa to ARC at the New Taipei City Service Center. If you live in Taipei City, the change must be made at the Taipei City Service Center)
Address:No.135, Min-An St. Jung-He Dist, New Taipei City
Traffic Information: Take bus 307 from MRT BanChiao station to Ji-Sui Junior High school station.
  1. Exchange students are required to purchase the following two types of insurance.
    Student Insurance (Accidents Insurance)
    According to the regulation of the government , new student "must" purchase this insurance is compulsory. The fee for this insurance is  NTD$180 for this semester.
    Contact office: Guidance Section (B402).
    Details: <Student Guidance Section>Student Insurance (Accidents)

    2. Cathay Life Insurance (Medical Insurance)
     Studnet who has not purchased overseas medical insurance in their home country will be required to buy this. NTD$500/month, Payment are made every 5 months, which totals to NTD$2500.
    Outpatient/Emergency treatment benefit: the payment of benefit shall not exceed the limit of 1000 NTD (per visit) .
    Daily hospital room benefit: the payment of benefit shall not exceed the limit of 1000 NTD (per day). 
    Hospital miscellaneous benefit: the payment of benefit shall not exceed the limit of 120,000 NTD (per hospitalization).
    Do not pay attention to the cleaning of teeth of drugs purchsed by the Pharmacy. Please refer to the detailed claimsand the claims will be accepted for 2 weeks.

    Insurance claims require several documents:
    (1)Insurance Claim Form 
  2.     Can get the form from T1001.
    (2)Passport and Visa (photocopy)
    (3)Receipts (original)
  3. (4)Medical certificate or Certificate of diagnosis in Chinese (original)中文診斷證明書
  4.     Ask doctor for it.

    3. Starting from the 7th month, Exchange students must join National Health Insurance. In order to receive your transcript, you must cancel the insurance before leaving Taiwan; turn in the cancelation form and complete de-registration form.
E-mail The account number is the student ID, and the password is 「Tku+your birthday (8 digits)」
For example, if your birthday is January 2nd, 1991, your default password should be 「Tku19910102
Student ID Number 
Phone  Student can apply for Taiwan SIM card at the airport, and please notify the International and Mainland Students Guidance Section your contact information.
To avoid breaking the contract before the expiry day, please do not sign up for 1-2 years contract.
We will arrange for the purchase of prepaid sim card together, or you may ask for the assistance from Taiwanese students.
Education System  If  “TKU Moodle Learning”  is unavailable, please contact 02-26215656#2468 or bring your student ID card to T102 to change your password.
Leave application 1. Please log into Tamkang's Leave Application System and follow the instructions accordingly.
2. Please apply for leave on the basis leave, sick leave, pulic leave etc, and apply for leave within the respective time limit. Single-day leave and sick leave can be made with kiosk outside the B401 office on the B building 4th floor. Please contact the B418 of the Office Student Affairs for other leave.
3. In special cases where your leave cannot be applied earlier, the notice of absence must include explanations and certified document, and must be handed in within 3 days. The notice must be signed by professor. If the professor is on leave, then the notice can be signed by the head of department and approved by the dean of student affairs. Any overdue application will not be approved and compensatory leave will not be given.
4. 6(23-1)TKU Regulations Regarding Leave for Students
Before leaving...
Procedure Those who have not completed the leaving procedure will not receive their academic transcripts.
This is an image
Time A week before finals till the end of semester (before leaving)
Notice 1. Must leave Taiwan before your ARC or Visa expires.
2. You must cancel the insurance by yourself or else where will be a fine.
3. After completion of leaving school procedures, Student ID cards can't be used as a Student ID in the campus or as an Easy Card outside of the campus. The continuation of usage is a violation of law.
Form Leaving Procedure Form
Check-out 1.Please return the Air condition card and the room key before you leave the dormitory.
2.Leaving Notice.
Others(Emergency, Lost, Open account, Work permit, Laws, Q&A)
Assistance with life in Taiwan Information for foreigners in Taiwan:+886-0800-024-111
Important card about Emergency

Each student has an emergency card. If the patient is conscious, can help him to take a taxi to a nearby hospital and then inform the facilitator to facilitate subsequent processing.
Call 119 or notify the Sanitation and Fitness Section if the patient is in shock or unconscious.

* Faint, shock or in emergency situation...
1. Fire Station/Ambulance:
2. (On campus) Campus Security Section: 02-26215656 ext. 2110/2119
 (Off campus) Office of Military Education and Training: 02-26222173 (24 hours)
3. Dormitory supplement or need Japanese assistance (Please refer to emergency card).
4. Tamsui Police Station:

*General Injury...
1. (on campus) 
Sanitation and Fitness Section: 02-26215656 ext.2373, 2257 (bring the student card).
    General wounds treatment
    Burn treatment
    Excises injuries treatment
    Insects bits treatment  
   (off campus) Clinic (Please apply for proof of fiagnosis and receipt for clainabt).
2. Please seek for roommate or taiwanese student's assistance.
3. Taxi: 02-28057777
Dormitory supplement or need Japanese assistance (Please refer to emergency card).
Missing Identification
1.Passbook, ATM card or credit card 
(1) Stop paying and reporting the loss to the bank or post office that created the account immediately. Post Office Customer Service Center Voice System 0800-700365.
(2) Prepare the original residence permit and the account seal to the original post office to apply for reissue.
(3) Fee:Reissue card $100 NTD;
2.Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)
(1) Please report to the police.
(2) Application form
(3) One 2-inch color photos (with white background, head to chin 3.2-3.6cm )
(4) Passport and Visa (original and photocopy)
Student Identification Card​ (original and photocopy, Student ID card must be stamped with a registration stamp )
(6) Admission Notice  (original and photocopy)
(7) Application fee: $500-1000NTD
(8) Accomodation certificate
(9)Proof of study

3.Student Identification Card​
(1) Bring identification card and two 2x2inch passport photos to the Registration Section of the Office of Academic Affairs.
(2) Make payment at the Automated Payment Machine located at the Office of Academic Affairs and a receipt will be issued.Fill in the application form for replacement of the Student Identification Card (obtainable at the Administration building)Processing will take 10 working days.Fees: NTD$200.
1. Open post office account:
 (1) Student ID card (original and photocopy)
 (2) ARC (original and photocopy)
         *Students who have not been a residence permit for half a year are required to bring their passports. Personally go to the Taipei City Service Center.
 (3) Stamp (Tamsui Campus: B building optician provide the service of making stamps)
 (4) Passports
2. Bank account information
 In order to open a bank account, International students must provide a passport and Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) to the bank.
 In addition, they must also be over 20 years of age.
 Information: Bank of Taiwan
Work permit Exchange students can't apply work permit if only study for 1 semester.
It is illegal for foreign students to work in Taiwan without a work permit. 
Evacuation Instructions Fire, earthquake, traffic accidents and  medical emergency card.
Course Catalog & Course Selection System: 
Laws In Taiwan, it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
Smuggling, selling, and with possession of marijuana or any type of drugs are illegal.
Also, TKU is a non-smoking campus.
1. Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan
2. Employment Service Act
3. Criminal Code of the Republic of China (Chapter 11 Offenses Against Public Safety, Article 185-3)
4. Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act 
5. Smoking regulations
6. Sexual Assault or Sexual Harassment on campus
7. Intellectual property
8. Appeal 
9. 6(23-1)TKU Regulations Regarding Leave for Students


Q1. Can friends or family stay overnight?
A1. NO, For the students safety and or the sake of other students’ privacy, the campus had provided another dormitory for friends or family member to stay
over.  In charge: A102 (02-26215656 Ext.2498)
Q2.Does dormitory allow smoking?
A2. No smoking is allowed on campus, including dormitory
Q3.Does dormitory allows keeping a pet?
A3.NO! We are concerned about diseases and on you managing your pet, so even a fish is also prohibited.
Q4.Who can clean the room?
A4.The housekeeper will clean the public area but not include the room and balcony. Please clean it by yourself. But school will responsible for clean the air conditioner and fans during summer or winter break.

Q5.What can I do if my stuff stolen by someone?
A5.We have 24hours CCTV system. Please ask dormitory manager for help